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Sol Messiah - SCARLET lyrics

I used to wake up with cold sweats and a night vision. codons coded with blueprints and a secret mission. The architect told me I was sposed to build a shrine in a mine field a rather mastodon decision. Objections rang out, the black angels sang out, I wasn't ready thought the matrix was exquisite. If I take my mask off, exposure might k** me. They'll milk me dry and use my brittle bones to bill me. The wolves on the sidelines, eyes rather thirsty, waiting for the first drop of blood on the curtain. But I was raised on the psalms and verses, the teacher told me knowledge reigned supreme over churches. And the birthing of the savior was a favor by a wisdom who had fasted 30 days before conceiving the apparition. So I listened. And I waited
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I danced on the devils grave, feasted with the gods. Had a parliament in august while virgo communed with mars. Told my enemies my pen is deadly they should really fall back. The meek inherit planets but they ain't groomed for combat. im bigger than the blogosphere, pardon me for bragging here, im full blooded titan, releasing lightning in the atmosphere. ignited by the pa**ion of the charlatans and harlots bringing shame to the kingdom, while their cheeks burn scarlet. its deadly serious. Style wars abound even the dopest crews desperately rumbling for the crown. Just Call me boukman, cast spells win the battle. ill bring the heavy, king ogun got the metal. Victory's in my clutches like the holy black jedi, light the spark under their britches so these dummies can get the lead out. We moving space age
I travel thru the valley of the dead amongst the living where a man will sell his spirit to a demon for a schilling. But he ain't copping albums cuz there's value in his ignorance. Stay blind and stay alive and you'll prized at the deliverance. I never trust a scripture that was written by royal, posing as holy man but made his riches as grifter. Picture me dumbing down divine intelligence for guapo, profit from the prophesies controlled by the Gestapo. Not an option, a free agent since Shaquille and Orlando, I do this for the thrill a dollar bill don't mean a damn though. The black scion sired from the hardest cats in zion, spit flames and watch me cast a gold mic from iron. Id be lying if I said I wasn't made for this, the bloodline was engineered and birth was prearranged for this. They prayed for this

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