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Sol Messiah - MERKABA lyrics

Ain't nothing better than magicians on the microphone.make you wanna run and join the circus leave your wife at home.pardon if i sound a little cryptic, i'm a anglophone. maybe you would understand me better on my cyber phone. moniker is sa-roc call me super hero griot. you can find me posted up inside moroccan riyadhs. underneath the weeping willows reading books by diop. increase the brain activity cuz ain't nothing for free akh. they asking for a fee akh. souls exchanged for fiats. taking oaths on bibles while sh**ting on the sharia. how u see that? leaders greasing palms with dirty bombs, while the people waiting patiently singing them nation songs. toss and turn at midnight sometimes kick the covers off me. my conscience roaring loud but my heart is till beating softly. you speak too much about it even friends be getting saucy, cuz the radio done whet their appetites for plastic barbies. i am sorry. that isn't my agenda by far. if you cut me the incision will be leaving a scar. i am flesh light and spirit with the heart of a star. no relation to badu but yes i am mer-ka-ba. and i'm spinning. yeah im spinning
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Excuse me if i bend your mind backwards like a gymnast. dominique dawes on the bars,you remember.speeding through the tunnel on warp speed, thought seeds germinate inside your mind's fertile garden splendor. i used to wonder how the wolf got on the sheep's attire. but i know it's easy to succumb to pretty liars. smile smile dress it up, take a fancy picture. you know that they ain't fessing up. they fastened up their zippers. then they threw away the key so you can't see that they're the tricksters. ananse the spider say they is but no they isn't. pretty prison. keep you in the trappings. scientists creating clones,homes, gene mapping. happy nappy, run and tell your pappy. sign it seal it deliver it in the bubble wrapping. this the real supersonic black power movement. you staring at the fence but which side are you really choosing? betta do it fore they do it and it ain't nothing nice. ain't nothing worser than a fella who don't put up a fight. scabby knees cuz they taught you how to pray and believe. but they never showed you the rabbit that they had up their sleeve. get it? the magic men setting up a tragic end. flash illusions for the gods, turn kings into savages. there you have it, here it is. plain sight in 20/20. supreme team is back for all my people who fronted. that's what is
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