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Sol Messiah - Hounds (of Hell) lyrics

It's the last ship leaving
Hurry get your personal effects
And drew your last bit of breathing
Cuz the casket is (seasons)?
Six feet underground
Where the hounds wait for feeding
On the caucus of Eden
No remorse just for to pease them

Cuz she has led children
To the belly of the beast
Turn the holy into thieves and
Had roses made the blood
Throne in doses on her feet
While the world worshipped her
And called the poses in release now?
She was a master in clever kinda sky
Had an alias to cover up
The court protected lies and
Anyone who crossed the god
X's crossed their eyes or
Left to rot in dungeons that
Her minions helped divise

From the strongest men of ruin
Of the perfume from her thighs
Turn the heiden to believer
With the doctrine
Hand of god!
Make the world think her goods
Were milk and honey
Land of god!
When they enter
The (mentals)? came out scarred
Men was lost

I don't have time to exaggerate the matter
Cuz, this is now a ullage
Truly the last of the chapter and
Everything that has said and done
I'll (cast/past)? for the bastard
I eradicate her memory from the record
Don't ask for the master

She made slaves out of Kings
And whores out of Queens
On the seeds that conceptions
And made copies of the deeds
In cold broad
After a while she didn't have
To make a move (that ship)?
Cuz her legend goes so hard

But even still she had people under put
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Thinking they had it good
While they soldiers getting took and
Her goons was getting thirsty
Taxing lives if they could
Gutting folks and watching as
Their innate dry on the hood

She grew fatter as she gorges with greed
And her gorgeous portrait started
Cracking at the schemes

I was there
The day the twin towers fell
They said she laid the bomb
To show her power was real
She tried to get her trust back
But we where busy looking
At her talents
Hid behind the white veil
The siren of hell

That was just the first blow
She start panicking in front of game
The game controls
But the damage had been done
And the mascara start to run
And then her face became overexposed
Like photos exposed of
The too much time in sunlight

Caught out all the (Skippys)? like
A lady of the midnight
Jezebel behind the thrones
False prophet, Israel
(bussets)? in the k**ing field
Feeding of the entrails
The people saw the light as I end
Hiding in the chemtrails
Climb the falling ziggurats to
Strengthening the power signals

See in the arrogance
She failed the hear message in the rhythms
Caught a razor to the neck and
Chocked out her speaker system

Dear America
Today we will not mourn you
We leave you to decay and
Hope the fallen spirits haunts you

The Nebuchadnezzar

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