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Sol Messiah - Goddes Lament lyrics

I remember looking at stars alone in the dark with only my thoughts to keep me alive
Cuz consiously I'm responsible, universal dimized or
Repeating creation to philosophers eyes

To be or not to be?
It was question of the agents
The answer I was after was difficult understatement
Since men played the hand in this destruction
Should I trust him to carry my instruction?
Do I save the world from babies yet I'm born into corruption?
Wars, election, wanna usher in democracy but only mock me
The god on their dollars look nothing like but poorly copied
Indoctrine at they hawking is my world was effin blast me
Escuse my words but I created them. We'll call it amnesty
But I'll be damned if I use their agenda to abuse my children
Made in my image with my breath and with my spirit
And here I am waiting desperate for them to see me
Mirror reflections so the recognitions to be easy
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**but thieves of the night been taking their syfers place to beteat me when black as a common and white as a syndrome like breathing please believe me.**

This is not what I intended for them
I made them Gods so my qurans would be extanded through them
It's now harram to be divine but they don't mind if you appended to him
And when did I sign agenda to me?
But that's just piece of the problem when children are suicidal cause life is no longer thriving
Incaving ambers like stars and when they've excausted their fire

So now the adam lays in my hand awaiting decision
The nucleases has prompted neutral awaiting the vision
All it will take is one piss and clap and the world is ended
Then I remembered looking at stars and who they resembled
The soul of billion starseeds emblazing their ambers
And so I didn't
And so I didn't
And so I didn't.....

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