SOB x RBE - Lane Changing lyrics

[Intro: DaBoii]
RBE, SOB man that's the gang man
f** you s**a's
For you other n***as, I ain't f**ing with
(RBE x SOB thats the gang biiitch!!)

[Verse 1: DaBoii]
What you f** n***as saying?
Glock in the party, I be strapped like a gay b**h
n***as lane changing, don't know where they lane is
I carry big bills, nah n***a I ain't changing
Slide down, lil' n***a that's a trespa**
Named the whip Ralph, with them straps we'll wreck that
Throw a dime with the Glock, like a chest pa**, a n***a run up, big shells where his legs at?
Strictly Only Brothers, if you not you irrelevant
Big clips, longer than the trunk of an elephant
A n***a stressed out, pouring 4's for the medicine
My circle like a dot, where a white b**h freckles is
Get paid, f** beef, get paid
Cops come, lil' bro...switch lanes
Uppercase, young n***a tote a big kev
And all our guns hoes, n***a get laid

[Verse 2: Lul G]
Speaking down on a n***a you a hoe n***a (You a b**h!!)
Why you lying, actin' like you toting poles n***a (You ain't)
Catch you lacking, guarantee it's a scope n***a (Boom Boom)
Talking all that cash sh** but you broke n***a ( You Broke)
Watch we send Fox out to some f** n***as (You a b**h)
Whats the sound when them hollows get to busting? (Boom Boom)
Some n***a's getting bands and some others is b**hing
All you hear his body drop and them the cups click
SOB the gang, all my n***as with the sh**
I'll bust at a opp, and i'll bust at a b**h
No drive-by's 'cause my n***as tryna' scope
Young n***a with the shrek, 'cause you tripping with the pole (Tear It Off)
sh** real in these streets, you gotta play it right
Don't let the b**h be the reason why you lose yo life
Never lying on this sh**, Imma gon' tell the truth
I ain't gon rock with that buddah, if i ain't gon' shoot

[Verse 3: Slimmy B]
These n***as can't stand us
LOL for what though?
Because we the reason n***a's main b**hes getting f**ed on
Keep a small circle, new n***as I can't trust those
These b**hes f** whoever bill's bigger, so it's f** hoes

I go down and they get me in that room, I'm on hush-mode
North Vallejo turf n***a, Crestside, cutthroat
XD, Gluco's, Draco's we bust those
And every n***a that I call brother, I'll bust for
Shooter's everywhere, get you smacked for a softdown
Leaning off this 2-Liter Sprite, like the cough man
f** talking, slide through and get to sparking
This funk, will have you MIA like the Dolphins
SOB the gang, we the n***as talking cash sh**
G got that K, quick to make a n***a backflip
Wolf-Grey chop, but i'm rocking with this plastic
Money blue and green, I'll get it out a fat b**h

[Verse 4: Yhung To]
Ever since day 1, I been the same n***a
n***a please, don't, confuse me for a lame n***a
30 shot's in that Glock, with no aim n***a
11 shot's in that stock, spraying paint n***a
Circle got small, I can't trust n***as
b**h I been a hot n***a since a young n***a
Took a loss, but you neva' seen me run n***a
Though I'm dumb n***a, 'till his face meet this drum n***a
10 deep in the foreign, riding back to back
Catch a opp n***a slippin, running lap to lap
All blue's in my loaf, n***a stack to stack
She gon' do all my bro's, n***a back to back
Ha...yea n***a's know the gang n***a
Talk sh**, where the diamonds in yo' chain n***a?
All chrome 32, had to tuck that
Two-tone 380, had to bust that
Upgraded to that Glock, b**h don't touch that
And it ain't on my hip, if I won't bust that
Clutching in the party n***a touch back
Put that barrel to his face, blow his buff's back
Make a n***a a thot b**h
Call that chop Ray Rice how it drop sh**
Doing pop-ups, mom's house, tech shots, 2 Glocks, headshot,Young Money "Bed Rock"
Man's turned on me, so he gotta catch a leg shot
f** cops, f** opps, 40 in the touch spot
b**hes want a n***a all for fame, I can't trust thots
SOB the gang, with more shots than a gunshot

[Outro: Lul G]
Ahhh 30's, 50's, 100's b**h we got 'em
We been getting money
Talk sh** when it's diamonds in yo' chain b**h
SOB the gang b**h

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