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So&So - Kirko Bangz- Drank In My Cup (Remix) lyrics

[Verse: So&So]
Lately man, this rap sh**, been stressing me
Thinking I can't rap fans second guessing me
But I got yo girl in my room, undressing me
She said you're a fruit, cuz yo pockets ain't got celery
That's what she telling me, that me and her 'bout to get intense like sleeping bags
You must be lost boy, cuz over here, we're fly like peter pan
Y'all don't want beef, from the look of it, yall vegans man
Help me please, I do it big, like kletus man
Snapping like a turtle, put a shell up on yo back bro
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You ain't getting cheese, your pockets don't tolerate lactose
I can see you blocking, you girl heading for my sack though
Shopping for my lines cuz I got hooks like ba** pro, you a** bro
Ima, Ima say this one time, they say ""So" why you speak so many damn punchlines"
I say that's what I do, like why the sun create sunshine?
Im just cuttin n***as, eatin, lunchtime

Man you don't know how bad I want to punch somebody
Man I man I think I think I need too
Damn, I wish I knew karate, cuz step up and I might kick youuuuuuu

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