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Slugdge - Invertahate lyrics

A dark, defiling spectre from the wastes
Horrendous terror from the Tundras of Eurgh
His fringe encrusted with adamantine plates
A dripping maw of molten obsidian

The Grand Vizier to the Sultan of slime
Beholder of he whose face is the void

His name; profane, the slug of revelation
his radula swallowing galaxies whole
Insane, derranged, personified negation
Drags infidels into the blackest of holes

Rhaexorog the lord of all protector of what lies beyond
The greatest of the chosen ones, anointed of the netherslugs
For us to see his glistening skin is to know true pain within the flames
Ejected from his pneumastome, defender of the Mucus Throne

For mortals cannot leave behind, their coils within this place confined
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A paradise you'll never know, for death is all the future holds

The Great Attractor of outer dark
Awaits beyond the light of the brightest stars
For an eternity his hunger grows
From spheres of chaos in the vast unknown

For war, for plague, famine and death

His tendrils stretched innumerable prongs
That rip and tear apart the fabric of worlds
Depraved, his lust for annihilation
Reduce star systems into ashes and dust

Voracious appetite for deconstruction
Fear the shaker of foundations

Harbinger of shadow show me the endless void
Where all is sorrow when there is nought left to destroy

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