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Slugdge - Gastronomicon lyrics

Something stirs from an aeon ago
In the centre of a circle of cyclopean stones
Incantations from a mucus bound tome
As the cult makes preparations for their lord's welcome home

Chanting dark and cacophonous rhymes
While the thunder and lightning rends a hole in the sky
Rising tendrils of ash now encircle the sun
Turning black from the blast of the greatfather's drum

For there can be only one

There's a pulsating heart in the midst of the void
Twisted maladous melodies which create and destroy
Through a ritual of blood in a valley of doom
He assumes human form on an altar of shrooms

Expulsion of the outcast mind
Cursed to wander in the gardens of slish for all time
For this book is the key, and the psyche; a door
To a cosmic cornucopia of esoteric lore

Cursed words, scribed in slime
Spoken in reverse when the stars are aligned
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Only under the black sun, may these mortals partake in his conjuration
Trapped in a spell of the Gastronomicon

And beneath the shattered sky the earth will grieve
Except for man, who shall be granted no reprieve
On this land which once gave life, now lies clear
In the poisoned depths the wreckage of ten thousand years

Blasphemers of true nature
Hiding from the inner self
Virtues that don't exist
Deny genetic heritage

The circle is complete
We must return to the earth

Usurpers of your masters
You have become mere facades
Nought but pale reflections
A species in dejection

The circle is complete
He is risen, all must suffer

It has begun, the beginning of the end of all things to come

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