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Slugdge - Putrid Fairytale lyrics

Corrupt ignobility adorned in pilfered gold
Conceived in sewage by insipid lords of old
Inbred degenerates languish in squalid halls
Impotent and superfluous, unable to uphold

The basic tennets of the creed
Usurpers vie to supersede
A tired waning hegemony, long bereft of majesty

Self-righteous justiciars desire to purify
A world of lies, that seeks to purge the earth and sky
Licentious seditionists; gorge as your planet burns
From slime they came, and into slime they shall return

Praise the primordial poison pools that gave us form
To defy his decree, they dare to bite the hand that feeds

The custodians have become the abuser
Ignorant beings with arrogant ideas

They loose a hail of arrows
That scorch the eyes of all who gaze
But it won't save them from the hell that waits

Mythologised transcendance, a paradise is lost
No deliverence from the dire cost

They've chosen the form of the destructor
More of slime than blood
Their planet torn asunder by plutonium

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Mercury rising, the surface scorched
They descend like rats into the bowels of earth

Digging like roaches through a mire
Of their own self indulgence
Caught in a web of fate
Too bloodless to escape

No god can save you now
For they have no power here
Within these ashen crypts
Of suffering and despair

The flame ignited in it's heart
A chain reaction tearing apart
Reaching the critical mass
The weapon of their futile vengeance

The eye, ablaze with radiance
That sears against your flesh
Dread rumbling in the deep
Signalling the impending death

Blinded by a caustic storm
The slamming of cyclopean doors
Held aloft the orb ignites
Nowhere to run now from the light

Now standing in the presence of a foe conceived by alien gods
Never again to feel the sun, it immolates you
The Lifeage of the universe, a wind that sweeps the world away
You feel the weight of every world bearing down on you

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