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Slugdge - Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms lyrics

Decrepit ruins, an ancient fane in disarray
Rivers of cadaverine snake below obsidian palisades
Bathed in an ill moonlight, igneous spires breaching the louring sky
Resident to dark terrors both malevolent and unseen

Haunted through the heart of darkness
By horrors unknown
A nightmare that never subsides
Wading through wastelands of bone

Sojourn in galleries of anguish searching for wisdom's elusive pearl
Lost in a lonesome city, witness the last gasp of a dying world
Statues lie broken, shattered in conflicts fought long ago
Toots reaching into black trenches, reclaiming the earth from the stone

The rancour in it's construction outlived it's architects
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Labyrinthine and monolithic, hallowed hall of the dead

City of shades, a pale reflection of it's past glory
Where the dead ever roam in the crumbling halls
Now entombed by their greed delving far too deep
Down where fiends never sleep and the light can't reach

Twisted creatures rend and flay
Draped in skins in their sick masquerade
Flesh stripped victims to discard
Butchered for amusement in this cursed abattoir

Dank baneful chasms, caliginous and bare
Where hope is exiguous, all are prone to despair
Where the ill-fated wander in the land of the Pod
Ever crawling in circles beaten back by a dense freezing fog

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