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Slugdge - Pod Hates Us All lyrics

Space and time are open to he
Who has seen this entity
Jibbering gelatinous mass
Of puss and mucus from beyond the stars
Who feeds on chaos

Sluglord of the deep, send your slime to me

Slippery gateways to the darkest recesses
Of hell, accessed through the book of slugs
Incantations summon a visage of the Greatfather
Appeasable by human slaughter

Slugs in eyes, human lies
Everyone; a slug in disguise
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From the Garden known as Slish comes the harbinger of doom
Oh great old slug of war, breaching his cocoon

Fear and loathing will take hold
Behold the Lords of old

Now you witness their true form
For you know not what to do
For in slime you were not born

Mollusks erupt from moonlit barrows
Blighting the land; now rendered hollow
There no stopping this evil
Draping the world in endless shadow

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