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Slugdge - Deus Ex Mollusca lyrics

Nothing but dust and shadows, weaving the firmament
winds of creation breathed into an inanimate universe
Darkness and chaos folding, matter negates the void
Igniting the stars to build his infinite elemental forge

Fusion binds, feed him life
Endless process, ever hungry

We are but figments of his imagination unbound
Man is the excess, there is the meaning in his grand design

Sliming across the cosmos, painted in flame and frost
birthing malformed creations; sentinels of the elder god
Nuclear force unravelling, the art of destruction born
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For all things that live must die, unbroiled in the sempiternal war

Crumbling foundations, a species undermining
The order of the creator
Consciousness a curse of flesh
Send the Schistastomes a plague of death

Knowledge feeds their human needs
But they were not meant to venture far
Blind their eyes from these forbid words
Show them not reality

Trembling now in the countenance of the Prince of slime
Subject to the ever scrutinizing eye

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