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Sleeping At Last - Mars lyrics

We laid our names to rest
Along the dotted line
We left our date of birth
And our history behind

We were full of life
We could barely hold it in
We were amateurs at war
Strangers to suffering

We made our families proud
But scared at the same time
We promised we'd be safe
Another lie from the front lines

Our backs against the wall
We're surrounded and afraid
Our lives now in the hands
Of the soldiers taking aim

Our questions ricochet
Like broken satellites:
How our bodies, born to heal
Become so prone to die?

Though time is ruthless
It showed us kindness in the end
By slowing down enough
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A second chance to make amends
As life replayed, we heard a voice proclaim:

“Lay your weapons down!
They're calling off the war
On account of losing track
Of what we're fighting for”

So we found our way back home
Let our cuts and bruises heal
While a brand-new war began
One that no one else could feel

Our nights have grown so long
Now we beg for sound advice
“Let the brokenness be felt
'Til you reach the other side
There is goodness in the heart
Of every broken man
Who comes right up to the edge
Of losing everything he has”

We were young enough to sign
Along the dotted line

Now we're young enough to try
To build a better life
To build a better life

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