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Sleep Well - Suicidal Tendencies lyrics

(Stop) x6


See me I'ma depressed motherfucker
Pull up to your doorstep
So I can blow my brains out
On the fucking floor

Vincent Van Gogh don't got shit on me hoe
All I want to do is die hoe
Watch my ass drop though
Glock on the floor got a Witch as my side hoe
She don't wanna die tho

I got some weed but I need some more
Got a g? How much for?
Now I'm ducking low
Getting ready to die hoe

Gotta watch on my wrists
With a razor under to keep my wrists slit

Pill bottle bottles emptying
Into my fucking belly I'm
A suicidal tendency
Not in need of a remedy
Hoping to die merrily
Depressed till I rip

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Drop top bodies drop
When will it fucking stop
These voices that's in my head
Nobody gives a fuck what they just said
So now I hope to lay dead
In the shed, in my bed
I am now a dead friend
Make me up a mural so we can start the funeral
I'm laying and feeding my decomposing body
I'm a dead boy

Dead Dead boy in the scene
Suicide dream team
Pill bottles emptied
I am now redeemed

I am now part of the crime scene
There's so many around me

I got a tab on my tongue
With a blunt in your mouth
I watch the smoke as it twists and dissapears
Where's death he was supposed to meet us here
Here comes a pale horsemen
Now we know death is near

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