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Sleep Serapis Sleep - In Pursuit Of A Deadlier Sin lyrics

Heroes of His majesty's royal army:
Fear not Death! Nor be so selfish as to fear...

Where was the fear for your predecessors?
It loves them not; It saves them not
All dark and comfortless
Carve your legacy upon their open chests

Your end shows not your journey
So be filled with resolution
Though tomorrow may be Hell
You'll be fit for execution

Make them cower before your might
Let this so-called demon teach you how to fight

No harm shall ever come to you
So long as you remain champions of my pursuit

Here's a captain lost at sea
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My tongue is numb and there's a shipwreck inside me

Consider this
Or then yourself warned
Is it you to be
Exalted, mourned?
Mercy is not itself
That oft looks so
Pardon is still the nurse
Of second woe

Let's fall like fresh death
From the accused
Fortify the gates
They're getting through

Sipping down Molotov cocktails
Left in the dark
There's only one way out now
Don't fight the spark!

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