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Sleep of Oldominion - You Are Something lyrics

[Verse 1]
Keep your feet on the clouds that's what I tell myself
When the road seems long and I'm by myself
And the hope is gone, and the time is out but the show goes on
Never gonna stop take it to the top
I won't drown, I won't drown for now
They know all about me, they never learned
About my murder verbs and nouns
The northwest representing with a perfect sound
I'm making fire getting ready when the birds come out
Them owls don't play but it's okay
Better get along never wanna get em mad or get them rowdy
I'm gourmet cooking on the plate I'm looking good
Erase the face and will play the rook and take all the world by storm
And take the pressure and paint the words
To get ya to hooked and change the norm, who came to have a good time?
Let me give you what you want I came to make it
Better for you gotta get it going on the count of one
Go ahead and let me get you in the mood to kick it
Take your problems that you're living and forget them for a minute
Put yourself in the rhythm get it, Uh!

You are something (uh huh)
You are something else (I am)
You are something (its true)
You are something else (you too)
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You are something (we crew)
You are something else (no selves)
You are something (yea) (x2)
What I do to get it moving dig it
Deeper got a winning ticket
Get up everybody come on let me share the wealth

[Verse 2]
Man I wanted to bail, but the wait broke my legs
When this finally sails will the pain all go away?
When it spirals down is it time to stay?
But I made a vow gotta see it through all the way
I wanna belt it out I wanna lose control
I wanna pound the ground I wanna get up and own
I want to really get it silly when I get up and omit it
I want to make my rounds then bounce and go
Man I really love my city want the town to know
But if you make it to the top you wear a crown of thorns
And without a doubt I felt the points around my head before
And I am again once more, I never lose myself all the way you see
I'm gonna make the change it would have made me crazy
What it takes to brake me kept me awake waiting patiently
Wondering if any day I'm gonna make it with a bang
Hear the name Sleep weather vain deep
Keep counting them sheep when there's nothing but thunder and heat coming at ya
Bet you're gonna get a little shook up when I tell you that I'm coming to get ya


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