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Sleep of Oldominion - Where Ya At lyrics

Am I on? Hey, what's up young world? My names sleep. And if you don't know me, hopefully you will soon. I'mma bring it to you like this

[Verse 1]
Check it out, back in the day when I was a teenager
I used to daydream about my escape of, how to be normal hey wait wait-a
Minute let me grab the microphone and kick major lyrics off the top off the b-b-b-b-brain-a yea
Yea I know this ain't every day behavior (but hey) what can I say I got a lot to say
And I'm often on display cause I'm a bit of show boat but not today
Yea I'm thinking about just keeping it easy right now you know really simple stuff
The art of simplistic minimalistic you know mellowing out on the cut not trying to devour the cut
Or rap with so much technical savvy that you just can't understand what's happening
Yea that would be bragging and I'm not really a braggadocios kind of rapper know what I'm saying?
I'm one of those kick it back in the corner kind of rappers
Not trying to be the center of attention kind of rapper. Well maybe a little bit
But how could you not be when the skills that you posses are fucking ridiculous
Make your brain ticklish and I made up my mind to commit to this
Inserted my mind and interests, and you can see all the microphones I broke on Pinterest
Yea I think you can say I'm into this, in fact me and the beat are getting intimate

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[Hook] (x2)
Okay, okay, there you are (are you with me? Are you with me where you at?)
Oh, oh shit, there you are (are you with me? Are you with me where you at?)
Oh, oh, okay, there you are (are you with me? Are you with me where you at?)
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh, there you are (are you with me? Are you with me where you at?)

[Verse 2]
Oh there you are I made a splash like a cannon ball
I'm trying to feed you my heart like a suicidal Hannibal
Half animal half amazing with lungs looking like California raisins
And I heard it through the grape vine that I'm not taking anybody's shit no more
Right now I'm entertaining that's all, yup, and I'm making the call
And you can never understand unless you taking my falls
Cause it's a long way down but I made my way back up
And I made my way around with original sound spilling in my cup
And I made a play ground of the world, been around it with a loud mouth strut
They said I wouldn't amount to anything special but I found my calling uh huh, mhh mhh
What up? Now let me tell you something, they love to hurt you like everyone's got munchin-housin
Or however the fuck you pronounce it, It don't take away from the fact that they're putting poison in your mouth shit

[Hook] (x2)

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