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Sleep of Oldominion - The Beat lyrics

Why I believe that is because I know how it feels when you sing it. I know what it does to you and I know of the evil feeling that you feel when you sing it. I know the lost position that you get into in the beat. Well if you talk to the average teenager of today and you ask them what it is about rock and roll music that they like and the first thing they'll say is the beat. (Sleep is better!)

[Verse 1]
Something's wrong with that kid Chris, he never pays attention
He's always daydreaming and sh**, but sh** in my day dreams I'm the sh**
And that's a much better situation then I'm in
But I'm going to find a way out using my pen
In my dreams I make history, in real life I'm barely making rent
And you better believe I'm gonna make a dent
And won't settle for anything less than the top spot wanna be
Sure I'm a gambling man, with a hand full of grands
I'm gonna slam them on the table until you understand who the f** that I am
Yea I'm the guy that knows the guy that made your favorite jam
Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper when I hit the planet
Been so underground you didn't even know I landed
And when I hit the top you can never get me back in
My musicality's imbedded in me not just fashion
So when I kick this f**ing door in I'm ever lasting
Then I'm smashing the ones who ration the opportunities
So they can be the ones to have them
Nothing but loose ends in the true sense
Tie them till the noose ends the life of this nuisance
I'll fight for my right to deliver my two cents
All night on this mic rearranging my blueprints
Staying above water that sea of green at your crew ships
Keeps people like me from letting out full clips

[Hook] (x2)
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Every days a struggle
How am I supposed to come up with no muscle?
Yea got to pick up and hustle
Got to pick up and hustle
Before the world says f** you
Every days a struggle
How am I supposed to come up with no muscle?
Yea got to pick up and hustle
Got to pick up and hustle
Before I tell the world f** you too

[Verse 2]
Now I'm the one behind the driver's seat, Sleep behind the wheel
And I've be dyeing trying to climb the peak speaking what I feel
It's never been a question if I make it I believe I will
So when I'm finally at the top I'll be proud of what we've built
Because we did it together there's no doubt about it
Spending our youth running around trying to find the fountain
Until chasing our dreams became selfish
Or at least it seems until were old a sick with a get well wish
So I can't shelf this dream that I've held since I was a kid
Been giving everything I'm hell bent
Like it's the devils retirement party, hell yes
Like I was just going to stay in for the night all dressed
Especially since in the honored guest
The one that put him to rest, the one considered to be the best
And when I beat him I replaced evil with fresh
Yea I belt it out like a bat out of hell when I get it off my chest

[Hook] (x2)

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