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Sleazy - Moment for life. lyrics

[Verse 1 : Sleazy']

You know life never really turn out like you want it
Dealing with all these people I'm starting to become phony
Backpack on my shoulders I used to go to school walking
Got mugged twice and never really got over it, I'm talking
Only god knew what I went through how much I suffered
My friends call me a sissy you ain't think I had enough of
This bullshit, rap became the exit from my life
It's like when the black people finally got their civil rights
Chains got none of that, myself I'm proud of that
Never let somebody step on my fight gotta reply to that
Working my ass off just to get them fucking good grades
And when I fall down I keep spitting this shit like it's payday
Only god can judge me, I'm hanging by a hook
I ain't get the meaning of it, I see it everywhere on Facebook
Slang, yo, that's all I need to prove my fucking point
While some other people need the help of a skinny joint
Drunk never be that shit, drugs I never do that shit
We're like bitches, I get to spit and you suck a fucking a dick
I'm sick and tired of having to diss these dirty bitches
One day I hope my story's gonna be like rags to riches
Let me rewind to those days, to my face come say that
No sensibility, no sensitivity and I'm the one who lack
Sometimes I ain't want to go to school I'm illy
What keeps me going on is your song my homie Meek Milly
These bitches think they're shining, cause they got them chainz hanging
Take my life for example I just teach you how I do it
I'm just flying so high I think my plane is never landing
And I ain't done climbing I'm still reaching for the summit

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And I got to do this for life, and it's right my time, is up and I'll be feeling that yo
My respect where you at (x3)

[Verse 2 : Sleazy']
Countin' my friends on my fingers proud of that, you
Would bet I wish for bullets to unload and reverse too
Aching Aching from all this shit I've taken
I'm coughing up the words I think I need some Robitussin
Learning everyday, I'm starting to become iller
And I'm living in a dream my thoughts should become clearer
I could tell bout the demons in my past that I have slayed
But rapping 32 bars sure as hell won't get me paid
I got your back I got your back, 100 times they said that
But besides myself, my back ain't nobody got that
I've been to a lot of matches but I've been sitting on the benches
I know you wanna fuck her but your dick measures 3 inches
Why the fuck am I talking sexual on an emotional track
My head ain't screwed on right, that's the effect of all this crap
See rap everyday, is what fucking keeps me going
And also preventin' me from psychologically throwin'
Bombs at their heads, I've never been popular
But I make it big I'll hold you bitches by your collar
Ain't nobody comparing to them other rapper's face
Fuck it, cause their style is never changing like Madonna's face
Growing up to be a rapper, I want it as in the beginning
It's time to make the right choices and make the right decisions
And I know that I should be focused eve-ry-day on my grind
But rap is and will always be my moment for life to shine

[Hook] (x2)
And I got to do this for life, and it's right my time, is up and I'll be feeling that yo
My respect where you at (x3)

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