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Sleazy - Maple Rock ft. Sleazy, Coolies lyrics

[Chorus: Big Mac (Background vocals: Coolies)] x2

Got that crown in my hand, I call it Maple Rock
Taking all this drink it's something you can't knock
12 pack of condoms, keep it in my sock
Black with white people mix it sprite Ciroc

[Verse 1: Big Mac]
If you want to cross the water call my man Bridge
Get some work moving saying you can get a smidge
Intellectual overlord, you could say I'm rich
With a devastating ending
Don't mention it
I got that Crown in my hand, got Ciroc in my cup
Fuck lil' niggas who want to buck up
See you talking all that shit but you ain't worth my time
Pop down, I step up
You a fucking scrub like huh?
Wanna take it slow and easy
Wanna show you how to do it
Saying nothing too cheesy
Wanna keep it rolling good
Wanna keep you entertained
Leaving with a smart bitch
Cause you know we getting brain huh?

[Bridge: Big Mac]

Big Mac on the track
Team 21 up in this bitch and we ain't ever quit
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[Chorus] x2

[Verse 2: Sleazy]

Panama was cool but it's coming to an end
Sitting on the beach sharing Crown with the twins
Malcolm told me do it so I picked up the pen
I just want to see myself whipping that Benz
Ciroc got me numb, I can't feel my skin
Thought I had that juice until I sipped that Gin
Seen a lil' chick in the corner with her friends
30 minutes later she was eating my kids
Maple and the coke got us turning up the block
If I was a drink I'd be Milly on the rocks
She was so sweet till that cherry I popped
Virgin martini until that dick got dropped
12 just struck but the sex don't stop
Freaky ass nigga so I hit that spot
Pineapple Willy's got her feeling my cock
Licked a bitch clit then took a Malibu shot
My nigga Jordan put your bridge under water
Got another Jordan
Fuck Dwayne, he's the Carter
Oops I forgot I meant to say he's the Barter
Crunch time's coming coach bring in the starters
Bitch call me daddy but I know I'm not the father
She gave me some brain, now I feel a little smarter
She ran out of juice so I put her on the charger
Got some more shots, but they only for your daughter

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