SL - Gentleman lyrics

He said that's ammi
That is ammi but my amm is way more potent
I Wanna Fly Away For A Moment
I wanna say I dropped 4 bricks in the ocean
Kit Kit-Kats forever phoning
They take a tote, and start zoning
They look at me, eyes Chinese
And say “bring me in on your potion”

Like, I was in demon bits,
With some demon shanks,
Billing demon spliffs,
And I was with a demon b**h,
Doing demon sh**, on a demon dick.
Like manna move evil wid It,
Throw a pack over there, I wouldn't leave it with him,
I'm tryna be peaceful with it, got a couple problems, but I'm dealing with it.

Mum said I've lost the plot, at least I never lost my crop
Last chick she pissed me off,
Yeah she love b**h a lot, but she does the job,
I bruk it out, then send it off,
I don't trust a lot, there's more than what they're letting on.
Nuff times I've had the cops force me to park it off.
Nuff times I've seen a don I do my dirt and laugh it off.
Half hearted dons, finish what you started off.
Hella chitter-chatter when I back it you'll be darting off.

Mum said back by 10, there's somewhere We Need To Go. It's 9:30 and I'm on the MWay, I doubt I'mma make it home.
Oh no, here we go, but I'm busy bagging my cro,
Gotta go to my drum, but I got buds,
So let me just have a quick smoke.

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Manna need a b**h in my bedsheets
Fling her the twi, tell her build something hefty
Dead front, but the back came deadly
But don't watch that a n***a still done plenty
I knew this goon, way before you
Now I hear this yute wanna get me
Asked bro “Should I do what I do?”
He said “Roll thru”, bro shoulda never let me
I tell a b**h be gentle, I'm tryna Get The Willy Wonka Special,
I Know I Ain't No Gentleman,
Pull Up, Crash, And I'm Wetting Them,
Dip, Splash When I'm Getting ‘Em.
I'm Valley Bopping With Elegance,
Ching, Chang, I'm A Veteran, Your b**h Bad? That's Irrelevant.

Like hello. you can call me S.
You've probably heard of me,
I got the pengest peng on the ends.
I'll probably slang it out to your friends,
I put in mad work for that bread,
Even civilians nearly got kweffed.
Weren't tryna break, chip off the ra**clart blem.

Stepped in with the fluffiest food, Your n***a came in with this pack on mute.
Tell him put your hands in the air, put your packs in the air, let me rob that food
Fresh home, I want my goon, but time man do up a few good moves.
And you don't even know that yute, don't watch that, me and him soon hit booth.

Custard darlin' just pa**ed it, asked bro how could he be so foolish But The Money Keep Callin',
You Got A Bag Of Kwengs But Your Stack's Appalling.
No love for an Informant, I still swim deep in the opp boy waters. No love for an informant, I still swim deep in the opp boy waters.


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