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Skillz Tha Magnificent - I Silence Thee lyrics

[Verse 1: SKillz]
Skillz Tha Magnificent,so significant
Spitting bars for the death of me I do my shit
Get it thought you're head that my lyrics so nice
About to make it from the bottom to the highs height
Thou shall not fuck with, Skillz and his lyrics
Flow so nice like my bodies in the river
Its you're boy Skillz hitting the beat
With some lyrical heat, that put fake niggas to sleep
And I think my competition is so sweet
I silence thee who try to challenge me
Theres no excape from the shit that I release
With a rage of a goblin and a voices of a beast
Killing you with words that fuck up you're brain
Silence all lames, tryna fuck up the game
Music My Survival on my MIMS flow
Hit you with the rifle, pull the trigger slow
Once I say im a do it its done
Got some lyrics that make fake bitches run
You now listen to the greatest
Skillz, SP, Kaotic and we bury shit

[Verse 2: S.Passion]
Real Raw... SP Skillz I got you with the verse dawg

I said I give Skillz a verse to remember
Stick in you're throat I dare you to swallow cinnamon
Hottest bars the beginning of September
Tray-Gang here S.Passion the best ever
She at the desert with vienna sausage
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So my dick is super dry can you get up off it
Im so tired of you choking and coughing
Without me you loss like a fucking orphan
Im a human I set them back and then im off
With a swagger thats far from understandable
Not B-ball but I got shots and handles
Cuzz when you Jeremy Lin these niggas can't stand you
Bad sleep that black bitch with black titties
In the back with that ass came back from rack city
Cuzz when you get sacks nigga know you setting up
Money talks and I say enough SP

[Verse 3: DKaotic1]
Ha Ha Ha haaa.. Kaotic..

Leon fire, year of the tiger
General zero so my name should be lieger
Yall niggas mouses in the house
I take yall pigs and meck yall call it slaughterhouse
On some real shit im bout too kill this
I telll yuh niggas im bout too go seat back and roll this like its paper
Understand I got and catchp papers
Matter fact man I sack favors
And catch capers, just too go back and get jacobs
Yall niggas like Robert A. you get taped up
Duck sprayed what, nigga you get potty
Fuck around just like piss you get potty
Get body on the hotel hobby
And im armed with the 12 gaged shotty
Like the nigga in "scarface" with the marsbird pump it back
Niggas fuck around you bout to get you're front bowed run it back

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