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Skillz Tha Magnificent - Aint Gonna Happen (Freestyle) lyrics

Intro: Trust And Believe i did not fall off!!!

[Verse 1: Skillz]

Mommy told me what you say down mean shit its how you say it
Fuck up haters mindset with intelligence statements
Mixxy to my face, dam right i said you fake
Quoting Cass i want knowledge on my plate,Food my fathers makes
Stay True to the right crew, fuck them other groups
Lyrical fruit i eat breathe no Subliminals
Barz so official,come straight from my mental
S.T.M preach on every instrumental
Hater finger trigger quick but my brain is pistol
And i load them up with missiles you be done if it don"t like you
Getting cream with respect thats what i care about
On top of fake rappers do it with my chatty mouth
Don't get it Twisted the barz what i care about
I preach if it ain't true it don't come out my month
Preaching on this beat yea i know its been quite a while
I'm managing my team and I'm tryna work on new styles
Never gonna back down to a style that's so foul
Tryna make a good path for the next generation now
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Its crazy how they say I'm falling off
But them niggas don't know the true meaning of being a boss
We came a long way and we won't stop
Strong movement with a lot of wisdom reaching to the top
The american preacher banging on your speakers
Full your eardrum with knowledge, respect and guidance
Respect my lyrics understand my concept
Your can't stop or try to handle my mindset
Yea im back in the booth making the hits
Barz still skilled and the flow still magnificent
Your never hurd skillz like this before
After this im coming with originals for sure yupp !!
Im still being the best still striving
With my team ghetto rich beside me we a problem
Its must be that a nigga got flow
Crush my Competition everywhere that we go
Hit my haters with heavy lyrics and wisdom
Grinding everyday dont care about criticism
Fuck it i don't care as long as my fans love me
Damage to your lyrics if you go against me
Clearly im a beast on this beat
And i never regret any word that i speak

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