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SkiBs - It Was All A Dream lyrics

[Intro: SkiBs]

It was all a...
It was all a...
Yeah, it was all a dream
SkiBs, Double XL
It was all a...
It was all a dream

[Verse 1: SkiBs]

It was all a dream then I woke up
And I saw it was me in a show, whats up
Me and Ryan fuck, got some duck, and we never broke up
First you gotta get yo' hopes up, and if you show up
You'll get everybody in the crowd screaming out loud
And they will all be screaming out “Oh fuck”
From the scene I go and step in the ring
Yeah it's a knockout mother fucker, ding, ding, ding
Two mother fuckers like how you think, these stakes
I will bring these kings, punching out, knock them down
Watch your mouth boy I'll knock you down
Spill the pound, fall on my ass
I'm talkin' ‘bout weed when I say I fall on the grass
So jump, jump, bounce, bounce
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So that an ounce that I can't really count
‘Bout to fall, spring tight, getta little alcohol
Spray champagne like a fountain yo
I'm a crazy fucker, get a little chronic some lazy fuckers
Yeah, SkiBs that's me, I'm a mother fucking lady lover
I'mma feel chick, hide yo' wives, hide yo' kids
When I'm inside I'll find the shit, you high in fumes
And my models this, so, so, I go for gold
Flow so hot that you never get cold
Never get sick, but I do, so you better get told
Come be a place take all your drinks, all your weed, take all your things
Chug that shit, smoke it all, couple seconds later yo a girls callin' me
And I can't believe you thought it be all a dream, then I hear in my head
(It was all a dream)
So now my heart is pumpin', my adrenalin rushin'
My ears are throbbin', think I got a concussion
Cuz' the bass is so loud, that I'm proud of the sound
It's the shit and I swear nobody be flushin'
Everybody be fuckin'
We boss cuz' we definitely got talent and
Ya'll know that we comin' for something
Yeah, fuck it man, I gotta be me
SkiBs and DXL we a prodigy see

[Outro: DXL]
(It was all a dream)

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