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SkiBs - Gimme Shelter lyrics

[Verse 1: SkiBs]

Man I'm SkiBs, when I cig up bibs
Ya'll sayin' you be bringin' back some crib
But you a baby so I guess it makes sense
I'm sittin' on side your bench
f** a door man, I'll knock on your head
Walk around town with a pocket of meds
Yo, I'm sick screaming out, f** the cops and the feds
Got a little pot in my head
But I'm savin' it for later
And I'm servin' your a** like a waiter or a tennis player
Then I get the paper, A4 size f** that I does hater yeah
I'm the new kid, Simba, you the king but I'm ‘bout to end ya
Time f** you up don't care about yo' gender
Then I knock you down and scream Jenga
Suns up and it's nice out
We goin' to be out till the f**ing nights out
And sh** is looking fishy cuz' we kinda like trout
And f** a light switch, man I knock your lights out
Ya'll be sleepin' on me man, ya'll know my dreams
I'm inherited but I got dope a** genes
Take one in the Trojan seems
Spit my balls and let Lindsey Lohan see
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Yeah I'm freshest, learn your lesson
Flip you the the bird and I'm nestin'
Yeah I spit illegal but no confessin'
Yeah I'm the answer in effects no question
But I'm here eight days
We'll be grade 8 haze
From AK, your names K
I ain't even talkin' ‘bout c**aine when I say dope ma'yn
I'm about to blow like propane so don't play
No way, it's'yo day, yo' tasty sh** man thats why you got no say
Tell it to a chick thats uglier than yo' face
And I'm fresher than Colgate
People tellin' me I'm next I ain't even got shows yet
Right out of the bag, I'm so fresh
Ya'll are close but boy I'm the closest
Go two hundred bucks and I ain't even f**ing past go yet

[Outro: SkiBs]

Oh yes, one take b**hes
Wait take out the b**hes I don't like the b**hes
I mean b**hes are cool but like
Not like b**hes in the song you know what I mean
It just sounds a little...
Shut the f** up SkiBs

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