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SkiBs - Gimme Shelter lyrics

[Verse 1: SkiBs]

Man I'm SkiBs, when I cig up bibs
Ya'll sayin' you be bringin' back some crib
But you a baby so I guess it makes sense
I'm sittin' on side your bench
Fuck a door man, I'll knock on your head
Walk around town with a pocket of meds
Yo, I'm sick screaming out, fuck the cops and the feds
Got a little pot in my head
But I'm savin' it for later
And I'm servin' your ass like a waiter or a tennis player
Then I get the paper, A4 size fuck that I does hater yeah
I'm the new kid, Simba, you the king but I'm ‘bout to end ya
Time fuck you up don't care about yo' gender
Then I knock you down and scream Jenga
Suns up and it's nice out
We goin' to be out till the fucking nights out
And shit is looking fishy cuz' we kinda like trout
And fuck a light switch, man I knock your lights out
Ya'll be sleepin' on me man, ya'll know my dreams
I'm inherited but I got dope ass genes
Take one in the Trojan seems
Spit my balls and let Lindsey Lohan see
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Yeah I'm freshest, learn your lesson
Flip you the the bird and I'm nestin'
Yeah I spit illegal but no confessin'
Yeah I'm the answer in effects no question
But I'm here eight days
We'll be grade 8 haze
From AK, your names K
I ain't even talkin' ‘bout cocaine when I say dope ma'yn
I'm about to blow like propane so don't play
No way, it's'yo day, yo' tasty shit man thats why you got no say
Tell it to a chick thats uglier than yo' face
And I'm fresher than Colgate
People tellin' me I'm next I ain't even got shows yet
Right out of the bag, I'm so fresh
Ya'll are close but boy I'm the closest
Go two hundred bucks and I ain't even fucking past go yet

[Outro: SkiBs]

Oh yes, one take bitches
Wait take out the bitches I don't like the bitches
I mean bitches are cool but like
Not like bitches in the song you know what I mean
It just sounds a little...
Shut the fuck up SkiBs

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