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SkiBs - Delay No More lyrics

Two years I've been dreaming
While ya'll been asleep, man I've been awake scheming
Rap is my life, man I do this for a reason
And once I break through, there's no way that I'm leaving
Uh, for real music is my drug
When it comes to my influence you know I ain't above
Yeah man I'm below, but never under the rug
Yo I swear Imma k** it, Imma come and pull the plug
All you motherf**ers, you pugs, you f**ing dogs
See everything is different from the way I come across
How you think of me?
I don't know it all, but you thinking that I'm soft, ya'll be motherf**ing lost
I'm hoping that you thinking that I'm trying to do it big, hard work, little f**er
Knowing that I'm just a kid with a vision and a mission trying to find a place to fit
In a city with no rap, people don't give a sh**
But goddamn I'm the realest, I'm the illest
All these other rappers I don't get what their appeal is
They got it all now but I swear Imma steal it
Like a robbery thinking they stopping me, man Imma k** em
Probably you already know
Man I'm a prodigy so, you try to copy my flow, you see me pocketing dro
Now I'm stoned so please will you rock with me?
I give you raps for free, you say talk is cheap?
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Now you f**ed, I ain't talking sodomy I'm talking in the head, you probably need a lobotomy
Comedy's what you spitting, you gotta be f**ing kidding
Now I'm on a mission just to get you kids to listen
But, uh, still every day I live it up, hit my blunt, sip my cup, lift my middle finger up
Tell me get my sh** or what, man I don't give a f**
I ain't even listen bruh, I ain't even kidding ya
I'm doing my own thing in my own mood, I'm taking over the world up in my own room
Yeah my rooms home while you up in home room
You won't believe in me, man Imma show you
I'm so cool man I'm coming from above
And I ain't getting paper cuz I do this for love
Yeah that's for know, but hopefully that'll come
I just want ya'll to listen, so listen before you judge
Uh, but man I'm just growing up, putting all my sh** together now Imma sew it up
Never slowing up, get it right down to the f**ing decimal
Never saying close enough
Gotta be perfect
I'm certain, I'm always working on something up in my life or how I am as a person
No matter what I do, no matter if I'm hurting
I'll make sure that I try my best when I close the curtain

Hong Kong
Delay No More

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