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SkiBs - Much More lyrics

[Verse One: SkiBs]
Hey, yo
Hey, who the f** is this?
Young as sh**
Dreams crumbling
Got to pick up all the pieces before they sunk and dead
Dumpling, eating after reefer in the evening
Can't wait to look back and tell you all what we did
High off of three spliffs
Hiding my weed 'cause I don't trust no one. [?]
f** y'all, hold up
When did I grow up?
Never, I just got better
At being a trend setter
I tend to mend letters
Name one rapper overseas that's been better
Trying to hit the level making other rappers cut their wrists
Bart gave me a start, now I told him I'm a run this sh**
And I be spitting sharp from the heart, I might cut a lip
Then I'd have a lisp like this, mother f**er
Shouts to Lupe
Beats screaming "Loot me."
Memories telling me "Come on, kid, choose me."
Before it made me crazy, man this music used to soothe me
Tops screaming "God damn please don't shoot me,"
But I be gunning for it, tell me what a f**ing forfeit is
I don't know, but god damn I'm at war with it
I ain't gon' sit here while you whine, stick a cork in it
Talking 'bout the best, well I know I'm nothing short of it
Hundred warriors all hide behind my corneas
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You ever heard of Hong Kong rap? There's nothing cornier
Well I'm a come in orbit
That means back around
Rapping style
Whacking wild
Always was an active child
'Til I hit the hash and smiled
Like damn yo this sh** is pretty chill
Skip cla**, every day we be smoking for real
Dreaming 'bout the daze in the days, [?]
Blowing haze in the way
Only a couple mofo's in HK can say
And maybe y'all can get to know me
City I be repping homie
But man it's getting lonely
'Cause yo this sh** is cold
If you're trying to hit your goals
They gon' stomp on your pa**ion and cut your soul
And yo, if one man tells me I ain't got nothing dope
I'm a live my dream in his face and then f** his hoes
Yeah and then I'm running it
Born with this greatness, I don't need to f**ing summon it
Breathing on this track, b**h, I threw a f**ing lung in it
Ain't above the hatred, mother f**er, I'm in front of it
Fingers in a b**h, screaming "Throw your f**ing tongue in it."
It's gon' work out, homie, I don't need a supplement
Couple b**hes working at McDonald's, they throwing on some Skibs and they mother f**ing lovin' it
Yeah yeah
I said my fam is my fans and 3C's my government
Going ocean deep, got three seas of loving it
This beat is your meal and my seasoning is [?]

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