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SkiBs - MIA Interlude lyrics

[Verse 1: SkiBs]

I said I'm fly like some paper planes
You say I'm sayin' things
That's cuz' I'm high bro
Light up them papers man
Yo I'mma work hard
Yeah, I'mma make a name
The show just startin'
I'm forcin' ya'll to break a leg
Yeah, break a leg, or I'mma do it for ya
I got this water on waitin' for it to boil
Man, you talkin' ‘bout my clique, yo that shits loyal
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It's always sunny man lookin' like a mikpoil
Shit when you get knocked to drops to the top spot
Man, you lookin' dumb when you suck at the drop you got
Bro, you got nadda, watch who you laughin' at
Yeah man, my rap attacks, we kick it like some Hacky Sack
Yo, yo, outta control that's what I am bro
Rappin' and fightin' all this shit like I am Rambo
They be like why man, just cuz' I can bro
The show is startin' now lets see how far I can go
Damn man my shit is legendary, Barney Stinson
This kid is crazy, everybody want to party with him
You think he's crazy now just wait till the Bacardi hits him
You say I'm spittin' hard, I say I'm hardly spittin'

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