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SkiBs - Massaya lyrics

[Verse One: Skibs]


As I walk this trail, these memories trail me
They tend to be telling me, tenderly and carefully
That I got it, I ain't sorry, tell Aziz, it's real
Get skills, 'til it's six mil for a show in Telaviv
Tell ya peeps and ya honeys/Had buzz, hella bee's/Had enough, hella beat/But Now bruh, it's hella beats
What you gonna tell to me?
I made moves, I stayed true
I plant my place/ I pant, I pace/I plan to paint the plain truth
My pain too, and they'll know my name too
Yeah I swear they know my name too
Music moving like planes move
Yeah country to country, Ay throw a halo around my angel, ain't no bungee when jumping, I'm gone!
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Tell em via Hong Kong
All my tales tell a dream, Fairies goin' be telling these
We do it fair and tell the team: We gon' sleep on money!
I smoke an L while they troll, bet I gobble em dummies
Fairly, y'all ain't understand, it's too complex
You say it's music, but it's hype you care for, too complex
A magazine into your bladder spleen, pissed as I bring it back
Now, you ain't gotta hear the sea, to know what crews on deck
I wonder if they know how many times I've thought deep
Pleadin' that my thoughts seep onto this paper
My face was all in the paper at sixteen
What that taught me, Is you can get dreams
If you an animal, but Believe extreme hype and you extinct
I've been in Asia, time to fuck the states up
Moving forward, get my mind to where my heels be
Nineteen, get my Illmatic written before this kills me

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