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SkiBs - July lyrics

[Chorus: x7]
City Lights, city lights
A strange energy, a strange energy

[Verse 1: SkiBs]
Welcome to the tales of the living
Tell tales while we sipping
The definition of chilling
Wake up in the morning with my eyes half closed
Check on my phone, and I put on my robe
Got some music in my head, quickly go and grab a pen
Calm breeze strolling by feel that sun on my skin
Put some cheese in my eggs, cup of tea to start the day
I take what I face and use it to pave the way
I should clean up my apartment, holy shit, it's such a mess
And my bed reeks of these fucking cigarettes
There's a girl down the way I'm really trying to impress
I told her I'm a rapper and I'm trying to be the best
She laughed in my face
But ended up at my place
Tap my ash in the tray
It's one hell of a day
So Homie, take a step back and relax
This is just life: live, love, laugh

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[Chorus: x4]

[Hook: SkiBs]
Listen to that, listen to that and tell me theres nothing for you to be happy about right now

[Verse 2: SkiBS]
So take some time to chill a bit
Even though I'm growing up, I still got time to be a kid
Yeah I should be stressed that my dreams ain't met
Got some bills to pay, don't get me started on this rent
It'll be too much, focus on what you have
Good friends, good health, homie you're so rad(?)
Got my backpack on, ciggy tucked in my ear
There's pain in my smiles and love in my tears
I write down my thoughts, forget all my fears
Then at night we say cheers as we sip on this beer
Bob my head to this music and burn a little tree
Chilling with the fucking homies by the beach
Iced tea- sip it in a nice mood
Today was a good day, I'll add a couple ice cubes
And now the Sun's about to fall
Man, this life ain't so bad after all


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