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SkiBs - F$ lyrics

Fuck the money. [x16]

[Verse One: SkiBs]

Yeah yeah, bitch get over here
Fuck y'all doing? Get closer here
What could I do when I'm sober here?
Wait, hold my beer
I hold my liquor and bust my nut
Hop back on that bus, my boy
I ain't even trust my voice
Don't touch my boys, I'll fuck you up
Hear this one more story, boy, I swear that SkiBs is fucking us
Fuck you, son, what'd you do?
Really think it's fucking true?
I'm a Hong Kong, what're y'all saying, man, I don't even know, man, fuck y'all do? [?]
They my fans
They from France
Make y'all dance
Spit like dip at baseball games
[?] they had plans
They made no sense
I made some cents
I paid my rent
I paid my dues
I lost out when I ate my booz. [?]
Touch a track and I could do no fucking wrong that's fucking [?]
Fuck the money saying Skibs' the fucking game

Fuck the money. [x26]

[Verse Two: SkiBs]
Give me my page on Wikipedia
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Since fifteen, I've been on the media
Made some history
Trying to get dreams
Lived and made a living
Swear my people would pay [?]
Swear my people that I'm a mystery
Agatha Christie [?] bagging my fifty [?]
Wen't back in the city [?]
These asses and titties [?]
You know that that's Skibbies [?]
My god, [?]
The guy, [?]
Your guy, [?]
Weed guy, [?]
We know. [?]
You hear this shit and probably think that I'm the shit
You hear this shit and probably think that I should quit
Boy I swear I fucking [?]
Where the fuck I get to sit? [?]
I got dreams up in my eyelids, I got problems on my list
I got hoes back on the island, I got problems with my bitch
I mean my queen, oh me, oh my
I need that fucking peace of mind
Abra Kadabra, shit is a game, boy
Catch a Kadabra, pokemon rap
Magic and ashes, they work through my pen
I don't know no one that won't give me head
Need to appreciate beautiful days
And see what I see in a beautiful way
Know you could work, but you're hoping instead
Know you could learn, but you're hoping for bread

Fuck the money. [x28]

Come on, Dad

Fuck the money. [x11]

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