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Skeyez - 13th Hour Flow lyrics

[Intro: Soulja Corleone]
Took a brief break, but it was well deserved
A lot of shit happened, I'm sure you all heard
Fall outs is nothing new, in fact its old news
Its hard to hear all the talk, when you're enjoying the view
Bought mom a new crib, a mansion, nah it just feel like it, old fling got engaged, call her when I feel like it
She'll come through smoke and fuck for a few, talk about shit that could have been, but we'll never do

[Verse 1: Soulja Corleone]
It funny cause 2 years feel like 2 months, I stopped smoking papers went back to blunts
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Ain't got nothin' to do with this, just thought I'd mention
Its a dream to have it all, when you penny pinchin'
And to my next girl, you can have the world, cost is no option for you girl
And to all my exes, thanks for the lessons, sorry for the pain on nights I left you stressin'
I'm not a bad guy, just between time, scared to be lonely when I'm 29
And all my so-called friends forgot about me, guess they got all they could get up on me
Now I'm on to bigger and better things, something beyond all the fame
I lost to much, so I gotta gain, I guess nobody will understand
I'm a understatement of who I used be, glad that I'm not who I used to be
Some people know how to get it out of me, I don't want to go back to who I used to be
A Cancer weighed out on a Libra scale, 13 from Heaven, only 1 from hell
13 from Heaven, only 1 from Hell

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