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Skengdo (410) - Think Again lyrics

4 f**ing 10.. n***as Know.. f** the Opps

[Verse 1: Sparkz]
Came to your strip
Everybody ran
Rounds with the mob
n***as get spun
Kick down doors
Heard you're the plug
Take man's food
Thanks very much
f** shanks man I like big guns
Mash in my jeans ten toes on my ones
Owe me Ps? must be nuts
Crying to your face n***a where's my funds?
Twelve inch on my waist that's stainless
Twelve inch on my waist go through chest plates little n***a this knife is dangerous
410K what where? say that to my face leave man on the pavement
Juice man then I bill up the pin-head amm to the face and my amm needs patience
I just wan crash
Sykes tell em move hella amm, if you see me better run like Flash
Run a man down with a pole, send nuff corn in a opp boy's back (nuff)
Click-clack-bow, six good shots, spinal cracked
Come to your block, ramsey or pole, do man proper then ghost
Back to the ends on my own (OJ)
Phone up wrap for a bit, phone up wrap for a box of the cro'
Trap and bang, my head's hella hot and my heart's hella cold

[Verse 2: Y.Rendo]
Them cold nights I was out there with my bro Snipes
Plus DJ we was gripping on them cold knives
Keep talking, just wait till it's show time
Let the whole gang gon come through, truss me, it's home time
Put digits up in that trap line
Cats call me, they love mine
Heat man up with that sunshine
410 that's 41-circle, big dots that will dump guys
Rest in peace my brudda Shak, that's broski from long time
No you don't come to the F, you go Tennessee's you jokeman
Flexing with your girl, but she's topping off the whole gang (Slut, slut, slut)
Catch man in a hurry
I'll steak man that curry (Bang)
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I'll leave scenes all bloody
You're acting like you're cruddy (No)
I'll slap man in the gully (Slap)
And little nut with the brukky (Boom)
And add a K you're funny
Got 20 man on ten toes and all of them were bunny
And saying that he wan' beef me, but he licks bum that's bummy
And I say f** you, f** your friends, I only want this money
And f** alla these silly opps, I'm still getting this money
Get the drop, drop an opp, cut somewhere sunny
And T Face the savage one will leave man all muddy
5 opps, 1 me, and all of them were runny (dashy)

[Verse 3: A.M]
Them man there don't know what I'm on
Man got bells all over the drum
Man get top then skeet on her tongue
Them man there put juice in her bum
That sh** wrong
Tell a man Ehh
Put two bells up there and I skrr
Man wan scuff up, tell a man nah
1 2 corn, just send a man there
Girls wan' kiss, just look at my face
I ain't that buff, cut to the chase
I don't want love, I just want face
You just want Ps, but it's too late
Why you so broke get the f** out my face
Only got Qs or 10s or 8s
I don't give a f** if you f** with the boss
Man's A.M and I f** with the gauge
You might know me for them robberies, when I backed the skeng
Or the madting when I chased man and he left his friend (Neeks)
You get jook jook in your head back you won't think again (Nah)
You won't think again
Boom-Bam in her face
Then I skeet skeet on her tongue
And if her boyfriend wan chat sh**, I'll put one in his lung (Jook jook jook)
Jook me, are you dumb?
Beef me, are you dumb?
I swear down on my mums life I'll punish man with that drum (Ehh ehh)

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