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Skate (skate Maloley) - Ain't Got It lyrics

If you ain't got it we could show you how it go, (how it go),
If you ain't got it we could get it for the low, (for the low),
If you ain't got it go and get a center fold, (center fold),
And we gon' teach you anything you need to know, (I need to know),
You ain't got it [x6]
You ain't got it like this,
You ain't got it [x6]
You ain't got it like this.

Yea we got it, yea the fire where the propane,
Me and Derek get them white girls c**ain,
And you know my money growing like the Rogaine,
We turn it all up in this b**h, Lindsay Lohan,
It ain't nothin' we been doing this sh** from the jump,
I started young so everybody out here catchin' up,
Lotta rappers out here talkin', man they fessin' up,
We just stick to what we know and count our blessings up,
I tried to tell 'em it ain't nothin' but that hard work,
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And when it come to love the women always fall first,
And if you think you got the tree boy stop that,
You can go and hit the kid, yea I got that.


[Derek Luh:]
So I pull up in that S550 no stuntin',
Test drive the whip, like I test drive a b**h,
Funny if you think I'm committing and ain't been in it,
I say, 'Hol up wait a minute I ain't ga**in' at all',
Last call she demanded that we head to McCall,
I'm like, 'Hol up wait a minute how we get this far',
She laughin' back, show you right,
Get in the car, don't touch nothin',
Sit in the car, let's discuss somethin' either we lovin' or I'll see you tomorrow,
I guess I'll see you tomorrow,
I ain't never sweat a chick, gettin' love since the 6,
And I could be a plug for them fresh a** fits.


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