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Since Sliced Bread - Sample 16 lyrics

[Verse 1: Hesan]

Entering the game, and we got a game plan
Defeating our opponents, we accept the pain man
Flyer than a motherfucker, but we not plain man
The truth can't hide even though the shame can
Got nothing to hide, my pride takes it too far
Fighting like it's good for you, so you can call that Spar
Haters only hate, cos' they hate who they are
And Hip Hop isn't dead cos' we gave it CPR
It's Since Sliced Bread, and we feeding Hip Hop
Racing past your haters, you just in a pit stop
Growing more everyday like we shit crops
The rest of y'all are suckers, I should call you pin pop
Following my passion like I'm running after fruit
And happiness is on the run, I'm in a hot pursuit
Cos' every slice of bread came from a single root
Now hold your four fingers up and do the SSB Salute

[Verse 2: Storm]

All you fools are just bitches and I'm the man
Smoking green, flying higher than Peter Pan
And your wanna blow me like she's a fan
Cos' I got my shit together, man, and you need a band
Leave your eagle full of holes like Otees
Give your face two Black Eyes, no Peas
Storm makes it rain, makes it snow, makes toes freeze
Then I turn my swag on, dark shades, Oakley's
Haters are dull, and my future is the highlight
You can't blow it out, I'ma shine, this is my light
And I'm bright, you can't see me, blind mice
Watching time fly by, like the fucking times Wright
I'm going so hard that it should be illegal
Call my flow a knife my mind's sharper than a needle
Beating haters up like my surname is Seagal
Going Double time on Sample 16 like a sequal

[Verse 3: Sloo]

Sample 16 nigga!!
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Sorry I had to say that..
Who's this Sloo?

Arsonist out, I'm so sick apart from the gout
I spit gluttonous, and I'm the one who's starting shit now
Venomous, tryna get hella rich, a part of a bout
Cracking backs, they lacking mac, and it's about to go down
High on a cloud, rappers I'm chowing pound for the pound
Killing the sound, and success is hardly a doubt
Arousing the crowd, I dare you to open your mouth
My rhymes will rip your larynx out, you won't have time to say "Ouch"
Show my craft to the world, say "WOW", bitch!
Welcome to the slightly dirtier south, bitch!
Mean 16 seen in an obscene scene
Crop to the cream, Pharo in your chick's dreams
Harry Potter to you ugly Dudley's
They running cuddling hubbly bubbly's
Spit puns for you suddenly
Tell these nigga's U.G, Hesan, Storming
Sun rise, gunn size, both cause Mourning


[Verse 4: U.G]

I. Am
General U.G, I bring the war drums
Forming this army with all our damn crumbs
Cos' they follow us like we are Hansel and Gretel
You can bring your sword, I'm mighty with the pencil
Mental on the track, pop you with a smart cap
Crazy ass nigga, I'm in a straight jacket
Strutting in this room, I'm in my straight cap
Straight peak, Zoo York, facing straight back
Crazy Mad Hat, I rat-tat-tat-tat
Bang bang, bring the beat back with a gun clap
Click clack, reload, release and explode
Name ain't Steve, but my heart is Stone Cold
You are scrawny like italics, I am so bold
Bitches deep throat me so I put them in a choke hold
Told y'all already you will never be prepared
Sample 16, so it's us, 4 squared

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