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[Verse 1: U.G] Silence is golden, while green is chosen to be smoked The envy of the broke, getting provoked to choke on dope I wrote this making notions knowing I would be revoking A plush life While I'm striving to fight this virus they call oppression The message I'm stressing is more important than religion If these people would even listen, that we living as the victims In this system which cripples, now listen to the General's dictum Spreading freedom with the Loaf, while we feeding the mouths Who don't have a voice, yet we have the freedom to speak aloud? Knowledge and power, we proud cos' it's ours But the power corrupts the knowledge until it's devoured Trying to gain some inspiration so that I can train this nation Into forgetting segregation and remembering amalgamation While they debating your crimes, which don't even sound right So when we in sight, join us to fight for our rights Because this bullsh** is ending so raise your voices tonight! R-r-raise your voices tonight! Raise your voices tonight! Now raise your voices tonight! [Hook (x2)] Time raise the silence and end the violence The people will rise and take down the tyrants Raise the silence, and end the violence The people will rise, including the silence [Verse 2: Sloo] Feelin creepy like when the door hinge creeks Genius with the raps, should start writing orange ink Surfin' the channel is orange, ocean be frank on the chorus So we get chords, spit from the core and record it Confident that inspiration will take hold with all of this You'd wanna be a part of this, because a part meant A chance at homes in an apartment Reachin' up to the stars to get it started We tryna achieve the feat of ending up on repeat On your playlist, whether you bought it or copped the leak The loaf is about pushing truth and knowledge Expressed in peace happily, no matter the package of the product Take the beat and put my version of the verse in Once there's nothing in the purse, poverty's starts dispersing How we suppose to fly like a bird, if we burdened We're emergin' as a crew you wanna merge with LOAF! This is Since Sliced Bread We're not being quiet anymore We've waited far too long It's About Time, we share our voices [Hook (x2)] [Hook (x2)] [Verse 3: Hesan] I'm packing big lyrics, yo, I'm rapping to get rich So I have cash to give to South African kids Its happening quick, tired of the sadness within The minds of the deprived, we got a battle to win I'm tryna saddle us in, a magical friend: music The tides coming in but we riding into it Tryna get fluent in the ruins of a mindless delusion A 'crime' of improvement is exactly what the lies have been doing So I'll give you the truth, cos' other cannot perform it Cos' I'm the hottest in the universe, Canis Majoris And the crew that I'm rolling with is madly enormous You better forfeit, cos' you money and hoes are not important Your vision is distorted by this new world era The error is living in money driven en devours True happiness is better than the colder pleasures Of golden treasures, we're living in a broken leisure Of global pressure to improve the youth of today So get behind the movement and salute to the name I load a gun of knowledge, so let me shoot at your brain It's brutally plain, we making a solution that stains [Hook (x2)]

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