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Since Sliced Bread - P.o.T (Poverty of Thought) lyrics

[Intro: 2Pac speaking]

"There's too much money here
I mean, nobody should be hitting the Lotto for 36 Million And we got people starving
That is NOT idealistic, That's just rude
That is just Stupid"

[Verse 1: Hesan]

I wanna fix the poverty in P.E
Maybe they'd help me if they honestly believe me
I speak differently so they phonically deceive me
It's easy to speak of peace from where you can't see me
The shifting of the seasons, come with a static change
And it remains to detain those without a name
Without a voice, or a choice for their own lives
And while we thrive, we criticize how they survive
Preoccupied with the lies of the criminal ties
It's a sinful disguise for their minimal lives
Dedication to a nation
They tell us to have patience, people living on the pavements?
We notice them when they stealing, not when they starving
We notice them when they dealing, not when they're coughing
Don't notice them when they're dreaming for a bit of laughing
And we turn a blind eye when they're sealing up the coffins!

[2Pac speaking]

"These little kids that was at the gas station, it impressed me that them little kids, like 14, and they pumping people's gas
Instead of like taking the money, like I would be, that's the easy way
They pumping people's gas!
And you people are cruel, they'll give you a quarter after watching you inhale vapour and everything
They'll give you a quarter for pumping people's gas
And I gave them little kids like 50 bucks and was like '(gasp), Thank You!'
But that teaches them the work ethic!
That teaches them that, when you work hard, And be responsible
There's a reward for that"

[Verse 2: U.G]

Hey yo!

I'm a villain to this prison they call society
So they label me the baddest sadist you see?
Damaging the fantasy the government has planned for me
And if you with the revolution join the SSB family tree
Damned you see, I come here to summon the Annunaki
On the beat like a tambourine
Shaking and quaking your heart starts to race when
You see the truth in everything that I'm saying
That we products ain't it obvious?
Touched by something from the heavens up above
Past the clouds, you should be proud to even think aloud
Acting like gloats when we should be working shit out
I'd rather be shot dead from the truth that I spread
Instead of a trend of forgetting that we all friends
Poorly educated leader who hasn't even reached grade four
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Dragging us into this poverty of thought

[2Pac speaking]
Cause they never bring hope, you know what I'm saying? There's no hope. And there's not gon' be too many more Christmas's without hope, you know what I'm saying? Not to make it just about Christmas, there's not gon' be too many more days, without hope. Cause if there's hopelessness, there's revolution. You know, there's change. If there's change, somebody's gonna end up on the bottom. And it doesn't have to be like that. It doesn't have to be a, we on bottom, you on top kinda thing, it can be just like, let's spread it

[Verse 3: Storm]

Suicide on my mind, but I couldn't do it
Cause all I wanna do is rhyme, thought about it all the time
But I couldn't leave without saying goodbye
To the poverty everywhere, It's a nightmare
All those people dying like they can't even afford air
Stupid rich people don't even really care
That's why we steal, cause it ain't fair
Gotta stay strong, Gotta go on, Gotta Survive
And strive, to stay alive, all the time, when you arrive in this crazy life
Sometimes, you gotta swallow your pride
Cause Time is never behind, we always reminded, every time it rewinds, to the tears in my eyes
Hear the fears in their cries, Suicide on your mind, just don't die
The Poverty of Thought, That's the cause for this remorse
The problem is the cource of non-physical force

[Malcolm X speaking]

“When you live in a poor neighborhood, you are living in an area where you have poor schools. When you have poor schools, you have poor teachers. When you have poor teachers, you get a poor education. When you get a poor education, you can only work in a poor-paying job. And that poor-paying job enables you to live again in a poor neighborhood. So, it's a very vicious cycle

[Verse 4: Sloo]

Memo number 1, both the winter n summers come
Call me the son of mumford running with crumbs
Trailin off, I'm hansal, turn a handsome pass to a puff
Ash when it's done, cleopatra's son, suburban from slums
Born in a time of blacks gettin cuffed, escaped the revolution
Lucky it wasn't violent to my family who wasn't movin
Returned to a glitchy rainbow still bein born
Minds were being opened, but colours were still bein scorned
And history was still being mourned, but I'm more worried for future
Aparthied kids with no school, leading us through a storm
Just a thought, but we still got the potential for life
Not dying in these shackles of the westernised state of mind
We're animals who've become alien to our planet
Know more about celeb scandals then planting a seed
Breathe, I'm tryna paddle through our ocean of drought
You see I'm just tryna spit the shit you should be knowing about
It's cold in the south, they've frozen our hearts
Bull shit flows out they mouth, suckin light from the dark
So now we blind, that's why our paths have reversed backwards
Our past has become our present, the worst gift to unravel
Care more for the jewel on wrist than food for the kids
You don't need a phd to know we stupid as shit
That's just my vision of truth, were living in tombs
We put ourselves on a pedastill but we're twistin a noose#

[Nelson Mandela speaking]

"And now, we face the difficult task of making our government turn their promises into the actions that will save millions of lives. We can be the greater generation that makes poverty history. And to make poverty history, we must now make promises happen, one by one. Don't give up now, let your politicians know you are watching every step they take
They made promises, now they must deliver

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