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Since Sliced Bread - Happy Birthday lyrics


Said it's your birthday nigga
Said it's your birthday nigga
Said it's your birthday nigga
Said it's your birthday nigga

(Peow Peow!)
(Peow Peow!)

[Verse1: Hesan]

One year older, one year wiser
Happy birthday to the world's biggest mizer
Tonight the world will end cos' you are losing control
For a birthday celebration of a beautiful soul
Rhodes chose a potent group of people to unite
To bring a family together so powerful despite
All our differences, I've written this as high as a kite
Cos' I know that you gonna get fucked tonight! (Nigga!)
So hold your Crackling high, hope you high as I am
Flying in the sky dodging lightening
Smoke like an Irie, drink like a Rhodent
Today is your day so enjoy every moment
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Happy Birthday

[Hesan, (Shadley)]

Open up your Crack Bomb
(Open up your Crack Bomb)
And listen to this rap song
(And listen to the rap song)
Tonight's a celebration!
(Tonight's a celebration)
A Brendan Charles celebration
(Oh oh Yeeaaah!)


Said it's your Birthday nigga! (x4)
It's your birthday! (x4)
Said it's your birthday nigga (x4)
This is your birthday!

Here we go, go, go
You birthday, go, go
Just go, low, low
On your birthday, go, low

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