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Since Sliced Bread - Feel Good lyrics

[Verse 1: Sloo]


Who's this Sloo?

Since Sliced Bread feeling good no doubt
There's a long list of shit to be happy about
You're still alive despite that which you've been deprived of
You can see the hate, but you need to find love
Same sound as James Brown, looking for the fame now
Came out with flames for the game to trip your brain out
Let that which drains your KJ's fade out
And when this track bangs out, please say our name loud
Get that Nile flow in a style to make you smile grow
Pour some Brandy and Coke for the psychedelic child bro
Fresh! Simply content with the breath
Fuck the feds in this flawed world, I'm the auto-correct
Been here nineteen years I'm starting to love
Hungry but I got the pen and mic covered with dust
Stop being sour, and appreciate the sweeter things
Like how can I be mad when I'm munching dunked Zinger Wings?

[Verse 2: Hesan]

It's your boy, motherfucker, you didn't think that I would make it
The world's mine for the taking all I gotta do is take it
Shake it up, shake it up, shake it well: Cabana
No you can't beat me, you can try: Habana
I don't say shit I let my music speak for me
Never listen to the haters coz they always tend to bore me
Haters gonna hate but they make my life easy
Ain't that some bullshit? call it cattle feces
I spit my flow like venom and you better know it's poisoning
Carrots good for the eyes, now see all 24 of them
Bitch, who's your daddy? You can call me Darth Vader
Glow in the dark condom, call it a Light Saber
But now I gotta go, I'll be back: Terminator
Now just feel good like a bitch with a vibrator!

[Verse 3: Storm]

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Uh, I take control like voo doo
I make you see blood, like Soo Woo
Make you forget everything like who you?
I make them go insane: loose screw
They applauding me, while they boo you
Coz' I squash the beef like moo moo
You too old, and I'm too new
I'm Goku, you just fat Buu
I like deep base like boom boom
Full of surprises, like who knew?
And I'm the shit baby like poo poo
And they love me, I'm good news
We're bad boys, and y'all good dudes
Put you in a good mood like good food
But Ima wrap it up, let me conclude
This is a happy song, you better Feel Good

[U.G Talking:]

Feeling so good baaabbyy!!
It's SSB in the building!
Yeah, it's that motherfucking drop for UG, you know what I'm saying?
Alright, I'm going in

[Verse 4: U.G)

I am a prince, but by the end of this thing
I'll be a king and Sloo will get his Zinger Wings
This game is my life, I'm on one knee with a weeding ring
And she's about to sing like this bitch name Marilyn
Monroe! These girl they love me like my bro
But blood is thicker than water, so they follow like river flow
Pulling me, to and fro, centre of this tug of war
Coz' I fuck around like a motherfucking merry-go
You know it's Shadoh, but they still calling me U.G
I am the heart of hip hop like a motherfucking artery
Aiming directly at our dreams like its archery
No misery coz P.E is a part of me
Pardon me? It's about time you feel good
Laced in the hood so you know I'm in a good mood
Dude, don't be rude, let your girl give me head
And she spreads her legs coz I am Since Sliced Bread, nigga!

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