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Since Sliced Bread - Coming Up lyrics

[Verse 1: Hesan]

It's the truth mother f**er, yeah you don't know of me
But by the end of this verse, you gon' wanna hear more of me
Since Sliced Bread, yeah we finally here
Take on the world and we show no fear
Talk about the fame, yo I hope you think of us
Step up in the club and we better drink it up
Drink it up, drink til we've had enough
Sing along to the song, you know we coming up
I know you gon' wanna hear more of us
Peace to 2Pac and Notorius, We Glorious
Cause it was all a dream, Like Biggie said
Now we all up on the rap scene
Just drop the beat
Get up off your seat and start moving your feet
On the stairs to success, and you know we running up
And your girl be the other reason why we're coming up

[Hook: Storm]

Coming up like a crop from the root up
SSB going hard, don't know how to stop
Tick Tock, Coming up like 12 'o clock
SSB change the game, changing Hip Hop

Coming up from the top, blow the roof up
SSB going hard, don't know how to stop
If you haters have beef, we got mad stock
SSB change the game, changing Hip Hop

[Verse 2: Sloo Pharo]

S.L.O.O and
Since Sliced Bread, ya heard?
Coming up take over the whole uni
With... This verse
Look in the sky, we have lift off
We the reason why everyone else competing's pissed off
Ticked off, you still soft, we go hard
We a gang o' wolves, like the first name of Mozart
S.S.B proceed to make Mo' Art
You against me is like a Bugatti vs a Go Kart
Lyrical Sweet Tooth, gimmes mo bars
Our sound system is So-lar
B.I.T.C.H You Are
[Lyrics from: https:/]
We 2 to the power of 2, stars
We were coming up as soon as we landed
Since Sliced Bread go H.A.M, sandwich


[Verse 3: Storm]

On a, fast road to the riches
Fast lane, we can't even pose for pictures
b**hes, b**hes, kissing on our features
Preachers, Teachers, f**ing with their speeches
On our own path, I know that it's the right one
Make our own future, know that it's a bright one
I ain't tryna fight one, looking the right one
Since Sliced Bread, more beast than a liken
Since Sliced Bread, Coming up like a plane
Hotter than a flame, for the money and the fame
Coming up like a supper plate
Forget about the other rappers like What's a Face
Uh, and you could see on Trace & Ba**
On another level like the moon
Since Sliced Bread, mother f**ers coming soon
Awe, we coming up


[Verse 4: UG]

Freshly baked on the scene, ready to make some green
Since Sliced Bread, with a little margarine
Yeah s** machine, she was just a teenage dream
And these b**hes love me, like I am a king
Living the dream and we headed for the top
And while you there, thank you for keeping our spot
Thanks a lot, we going hard non-stop
Yeah heat rises, better believe we hot
Like a sunrise, I'll be coming up for certain
Climbing on, higher like we on h**ne
Remember this song while we remembering
Remembering like how this was all a dream
Can't forget how it started, in Adamson House
South Africa, yeah call it the dirty south
Don't forget, SSB be bawss
And I'll be coming up, in your b**hes mouth


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