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Since Sliced Bread - 4 the Books lyrics

[Intro: Storm]
Stealing all the looks
Leave the world shook
Call us crooks
4 the books

[Verse 1: Hesan]
I bet you didn't know that we were gonna go pro
Getting better every day because we in the studio
We got the munchies now we crushin every single rapper
A scientific reason for why you don't even matter
I am Since Sliced Bread and You'd better be scared
And you better be prepared, we taking over everywhere
It's Hesan baby, getting crazy, spliffin' on that Doobie
Storm is with me getting dizzy, shit is like a movie
We making beats and writing rhymes and then record the magic
Got a five-year-old and drink it cold 'cause no ice would be tragic
We live the life in paradise, the shit's so fun we do it twice
Get a knife and cut a slice, fuck with us you pay the price
But Storm (YA?), Roll another blunt (Awe)
SSB's my family and everything I want
I got a line, I got a sinker, Now I need a hook
So Storm help me out (Okay), this one is for the books man

[Hook: Storm]
It's SSB coming through, stealing all the looks
Yeah we going hard and we leave the world shook
We making it, we taking it, so you can call us crooks
Get a pen, write it down, this one is for the books

[Verse 2: Storm]
Okay, It's 4 the Books so bitches write it down
And your time is up, so my time is now
And if you haters want beef, lemme kill a cow
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'Cause we on the decline, yeah it's going down
Uh, what you know about gravity?
Don't get emotional, Don't get mad at me
Don't say my name in vein, God! That's blasphemy
Just call me your highness, or your majesty
'Cause I'm a king so stay in line, I rule the game
So say my name, I rhyme so insane, and spit so cold, it'll freeze your brain
And you are lame and you're all the same, I am the change, I flip the page
I am so raw, I am so main, and I go fast like I'm switching lanes
Uh, and I was speeding like a hundred metres
Now I'm going in, Like a hard penis
All up in Uranus and all up in Your Venus
Going in your ears and coming out your speakers


[Verse 3: Hesan & Storm]
They feeling it, we killing it, now that's a homicide
Storm and Hesan, that's what happens when the two collide
It's something like a miracle, whenever we get lyrical
Your girl's coming up to me, wanting to get physical
Spiritual, the way the girls bow down and praise me
'Cause I kill the beat, 'til it's pushing up daisies
Going through a phase, but it really doesn't faze me
I just light a blunt and let the THC raise me
We got the lucky green, 4 leaf clover
Like a high jumper, I'ma do it 'til it's over
Poker face, control the game and then we make a hit
King of diamonds, royal flush, now that's a holy shit
Dam brah, You on the pope's toilet again?
The game seems stiff, let's oil it again
It's SSB I'm repping, A.D 'til the end
Shining like lightning, S.T.O.R.M


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