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Silent Theory - Watch Me Burn lyrics

All this venom that speak,
Condescending, No pretending,
Vandalize the weak,
Ask for seconds, no repenting,
Blood in my eyes so I guess it's okay.
Burn the bridges, let them smolder,
Every sorry s**er looking over their shoulder,
For a little intuition and a lazy superstition,
Just to help this venom with a little exposure,
There's mud in my veins just to help me get by.
So help me lie.

Now I'm stuck here waiting for the flames to burn me down,
It's like plucking off the wings of a fly just to watch it drown,
Now my hands are bound, and my head keeps spinning,
If I just keep calm, maybe I'll keep grinning,
Yeah the haze is thick, but it seems it's thinning,
And I still can't see the sun.

When you kick the nest that holds the hornet,
It stings the flesh, a toxin born,
With no regret, absorb the thorn,
Preach the hate, yet beg for more.
Pay for the ways that you help decay,
The shame I can blame but the price to pay,
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Is a hefty one, a lonely one,
A violent vigilante with a loaded gun.
It was funny now but then it seemed so fake,
You would think that a fool had a lot at stake,
But tides change, and lies fade,
But I will never go away,
Now I don't have time to help you get by.
So help me lie.


Better pick it up quick,
Better get it now,
This severed chain that I can claim,
What you could never find I found.
Now no one run, he's got a gun,
They're shooting kids, they're having fun,
Their product placed, with a double face,
They've changed the way we've played the game.
There's an oversaturation, every desperate situation,
Should we emphasize exposure, maybe place a limitation?
Maybe it's an epidemic, we're deserving what we're getting,
Are we destined for destruction or for reconciliation?


Still can't see the sun (x3)

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