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Silent Theory - One Over The Other lyrics

There is something out there,
That comes around and swells,
As it makes its way above my spine with spells.
Now this accents, attractions and action I can't forget,
Now I'm drifting out to sea,
Drifting out to see where will I go,
Where will I go?

It's dark here without you,
In the absence of my mind,
My heart is split in two,
Choosing one over the other.
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As I'm fading deeper,
In this world of gray,
I can sense a doubt in everything you say.
Where's the calm before the storm?
Inside I saw the swarm,
Where can I go?
I'm escaping out to sea,
The waves are taking me,
Where will I go?
Where will I go?

Chorus (x2)

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