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Silent Theory - Lost Forever lyrics

All the plastic people,
Eating life away,
Falling for the values,
And bleeding what they say.
Is this the fault of primal instinct?
Or are we all to blame?
Can't we get a grip upon a solitary gain?
Call me what you will,
And call me what you might,
The seconds ticking, tocking,
Creeping closer to midnight.

There is no light to guide my way,
There is no life that we can save,
I haven't the time to change, my mind,
So I guess we're better, lost forever.

Hey get a grip on something,
We've got to keep it all together.
We've got a ship, I guess that's something,
Let's just pray the weather doesn't change,
And flush us all away,
Create another cage,
And cause another overdosed coma of rage,
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Now I really know what will set the world on fire.


There is nothing that's left of me,
And nothing that's left to see,
And there is this pain among us all,
That we will always breathe in,
I feel us fall away,
But I'm never gonna stop,
Never gonna fade away,
But the gene that I break,
Is a fragile minded game,
That I've never played before,
And always go down like I'm falling,
Everybody's go but I'm stalling,
And now that I'm done with this,
I just wanna say that I am calling,
And now I'm running out of breath,
And I can't think about this yet,
And I have come around,
But no one's gonna fake it now.


Lost forever (x4)

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