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Silent Theory - Leave Alone lyrics

Let's Go!

I really hate the person you turned out to be,
It's like a fire burning down inside of me,
Is it rage or is it all insanity?
Now that you're gone, without this weight I can breathe.
You can tell that nothing's ever good enough,
Showed up late, and all those nights you stood me up,
From the start, you knew that this would all be tough,
But you can leave alone because I've had enough.

If you want it, come get it,
Let's go!
It's just that easy.
If you want it, you take it,
So go!
It's just that easy.

In the end you have to side with family,
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It makes sense, whose jaded lies you would believe,
It's not my job to make your broken family see,
That this life is not the one you want to lead.
All this time I thought that we would never part,
But all along we can't believe it went this far,
Is it shock or did I truly break your heart?
Was it real or all a lie from the start?


You think you're better than me,
Or was it hard to believe?
Got you down on your knees,
Got you begging me please.
I'll take away all the pain,
Nothing's ever the same,
You thought I faded away,
But I'm here to stay!


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