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SikWidIT - John Wick (feat. Hvy, SikWidIT & TrvpNick) lyrics

[Verse 1: BTK]
Pull up on ya like John Wick
Got them commas in the profit
I'm a motha f**in' plug with these beats
f** around and call me socket
They would doubt me, now they watchin'
Big moves up in the office
All I want is f**in' paper chasin'
Gettin' dough up without even talkin'
Ahh sh**, not even 20 and here I go makin' a mess
Used to say f** school, I'm out here testin' these rappers
Givin' em lessons and messages, best if you kept up
With what I been doin' cause sh** gon' be changin'
Can't wait till I prove it, everybody said I'd never make it
I just shook my f**in head, wait for the day
When I get connected, when I get a check
And when I sign some deals, I'ma come for the neck
Boy I'm blessed, but I'm cursed
Cause everyday I f**in' work
And everyday I see a new rapper tryna get me on a song
Hand em the hearse, a monster with this sh**
Gamma gon' burst, Dancin' with the Devil
Got a band in the church, oh

[Verse 2: Hvy]
Only take one bullet, 2 seconds
3 days without food to put a f**a in the grave
Now they hollarin' too soon don't play with me
Heat stay with me, fry em up like bacon grease
Better let em make it sizzle
You get in the way of the green, make a way for the team
And my people to eat, get the fettuccine, fetty, cream
Guwop guwop, gotta get it nonstop, nonstop
Until I'm in a drop top, head bobbin', I'm shinin'
I'm catchin' a body, you try me, I'm wildin'
I don't do no hidin' I'm pinin' on loud, come and find me
If you really bout that life then come and prove it
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I get on the mic in the studio

(Pull up on ya like John Wick, Pull up on ya like John Wick)

[Verse 3: SikWidIT]
Money comin', can't let it go
Dressed in Green, come from the Grove
ManSladuhSik, Murder Show, real street n***a, f** radio
Mac 11 hit 11 bodies, John Wick like John Gotti
Money callin', can't help that
b**h I beat the beat with a ball bat
Baltimore on my ball cap
Dope boy phone, can't call that
Money Hungry, my team win
Whatchu see in them? I'm Invader Zim
5 goons includin' me
All my n***as they tote heat
ManSladuhSik, TRVP, BTK and Heavy D

[Verse 4: TrvpNick]
Leanin', po' a deuce up
Look up you see us
Shinin', call me gold dust
Johnny Bravo with the money
John Wick, drum do numbers
Afraid money don't make money
Trap jumpin', daily hustle, juugathon, early mornin'
Got more words than a thesaurus
Beat the block, $50 for a quarter
$85 if you wanna owe me
Bottles poppin' she in the motion
Might buy a AK, dip it in gold
To match my Rolly, TRVP never worry
My wrist ice cold, daily certain
Juugs know that I'm workin

(Pull up on ya like John Wick, Pull up on ya like John Wick x2)

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