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Sike O Phenix - Make 'Em Say What lyrics

Now don't you think this sh**s outrageous for the
Phenix they gonna add a couple history pages and
I'm a grab a noose and just hang around
See what's comin up from the underground
Nothin' to fear cuz the man is fearless
No peer pressure cuz the man is peerless
It apprears now that I must be eyeless
With no peers should I really be driving
But somebody's gotta step up mobilize and
Keep the ground moving from left to right and
Stay grounded with you head in the sky
Keep an ear to the concrete
An open mind
Now Mr. Emcee don't step to me
Talkin' that I ain't hard just
Leave me be and
If you're a player keep your sh** in a locker and twist the key
Cuz playing games and tricks are for kids it
Aint for me (what) [CHORUS]
I'm a make 'em say what
Say what I'm a thief cuz I got a way with words
And I'm a nice guy but still got a way with the girls
I'm a break molds, smash the stereotype pa** the
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Hype and make high def out of standard life and when they
Play me at the club I don't make it rain
I pull the f**ing plug and let the sh** drain
Sit back and try to enlighten a brain
Then plug yo ears up flow and fill 'em again I don't
Rise from the Ash I set the fire
Laugh in the face of a do or die (HA!!)
If money makes the world spin round then
I'm a spit hot fire and burn it down (Dylan!)
I keep my beats fly y'all waitin on your boardin pa**
Stuck in a line TSA in ya a**
The more that you want the less that you get
The more that you talk the less that you hear [CHORUS]
I'm a make 'em say what
Say what While every new comer tries to outdo the last
I just want to do my thing let you know where I'm at
Some people get mad when I come out a winner
Even more when they got to eat their words for dinner
And push big words through a little hole
In their face like Grace or Riley O!
Wake up kid and smell the starbucks and
Know that when you diss me that I just don't give a (WHAT!) [CHORUS]
I'm a make 'em say what
Say what

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