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Signor Benedick the Moor - Halloween Song lyrics

Welcome to the Benedick spooky hour readers theatre
We've got an especially chilling tale for you tonight
Involving a protagonist by the name of Roger
A small boy who, in an attempt to forget the
Horrendous events surrounding his [?]
Makes up his own story

[All: Signor Benedick the Moore]
Roger left his room in search of his brother Dan
Despite all Rogers protests he had gotten into the man's van
Now roger felt vaguely responsibly after reflection
So he donned his ninja costume ninja sword in each hand and
A block away in the bushes he noticed his first clue
A trail seemed to be present consisting of blood and a purse too
He couldn't piece it together
No matter how he racked his brain
When down the lane he saw Jane dance in the rain next to the cursed zoo
Her frail frame was shaking probably the cold
He started going towards her, she was only like 7 years old
In Roger's mine she was practically a baby
Besides she could know something maybe
When all of a sudden this crazy lady with
Rabies came at him with a fire axe
He barely had time to react
Back flip and attack back
Slap whack crack
And act like it didn't phase him when she disintegrated
'cus heroes do not cry
Even those who're inundated
With the weight of those that he has to save
He ran up to Jane and told her be brave
She smiled and said “now now you musn't misbehave”
Pulled out a shotgun and shot one
Then shot two
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Then ran off at an angle too obtuse to follow
Roger tried to swallow
Caught his breath
He could feel the sweat
But it wasn't over yet
Level two was discomfortingly out of his depth
But it was here he would find Dan
And the man that took him away today in his creepy van

Roger pa**ed through a gate darker than coal
And colder than dark nights in Antarctica on patrol
He was swole off of the battle and thus gained extra experience
Feeling himself gain a new higher level of control
But still he wasn't safe
The animals were awake
And seemed to be warning him with every step that he would take
Any and every mistake could end up being his d**h
And he couldn't die not tonight with so much to do left
He pa**ed by the chimps eyes dark with a glint
From the moon light gave a hint
The whole picture was something like out of a klimpt
Strangely alluring though dark underneath the shine
Roger checked the time
Midnight still not a single sign
Of his brother or the man or the creepy van
Roger didn't understand
Nothing was going according to plan
When suddenly he noticed something in the distance
Some kind of shadow free of it's body
With no physical coexistence
It swarmed toward the boy
He cried out with a yell
And saw from the ground the creepy man emerge just as he fell
He had eight arms and twenty eyes and a freakishly foul smell
He pulled the boy by his ankles
And said "all's well that ends well"

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