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Signor Benedick the Moor - A3onality lyrics

[All: Signor Benedick the Moore]
Hiding in the darkness was Jack Harkness
He sparked his last cigarette set for the night
He parked his
Chevy cross the street then put up his feet
Rummaged through his cooler for something to eat
Then took a peep at the east side window of Bad manor
While he peeled his bannanar
He made out the silhouette of the banner that probably read
“Happy Birthday Tanner”
Shook his head and tightened his grip on his spanner
Always be prepared
Well that's what nana told him
But unable to sit still he approached the gate
Hoping that fate would be something that tonight he could possibly negate
After all he wasn't supposed to be alive
He wasn't supposed to have seen the things he saw
Or to the police have told the lies

How could he have told them about the flash of teeth
And the crimson wreath
And that the body the victims to the earth had bequeathed
Were presently underneath
The mansion without disbelief
Words were his sword and deception a capable sheath
He'd have to keep his introductions fairly brief
There were no guards or dogs not even a single leaf
Which was strange since autumn started a couple weeks ago
But no stranger he supposed than what the fates to him had just bestowed

He approached the door without so much as a plan
Spanner in hand
Stomach churning and legs of spam
But if he could expose this murderous scam
With his own hands
He'd finally feel like the man
And his blog would make prime time

He looked down at how he was dressed
Holes in his pants
Stains on his vest
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It wasn't his best
But probably not his worst
And just as the door opened he noticed a terrible thirst
What a terrible curse

"Who dis n***a here?"
He heard this from the doorway
Past the door man Jorge
And rugs from Norway
Sat Bad Tanner
The owner of the mansion and birthday boy
Who was not happy someone interrupted his birthday joy
He wore wine red robes silken in nature
And discussed something secret in an ancient nomenclature
Pa**ing around some kind of paper
From which was inhaled a strangely pungent metallic smelling red vapor

Jack took a second to reflect on his idiocy
Realizing this was no safer than rolling around in pigs blood and jumping into the lions cage at the zoo
Someone sneezed
Jack murmured "bless you"

Tanner appreciated the manners of the man with the spanner who had stumbled into his birthday party at the manor
Though the manner of which was not mentioned by the event planner
Tanner invited him to the table
Providing he was able to walk
Yes come have a seat
Jack shuffled his feet
He could still feel the thirst even though it was discreet
He looked into his hosts eyes and suddenly wanted to sleep
But sat in the chair adjacent
Not falling over was a feat

He realized that though it had the feeling of a feast
There wasn't a single item of food displayed to eat
His horror when he made the connection
Drained his complexion

"Nah nephew we gon' smoke you"

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