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Signor Benedick the Moor - Dawn lyrics

[Intro: Signor Benedick the Moor]
The *beep* come up tomorrow
Bet your bottom *beep* that
Tomorrow, there'll be *beep*

[Verse 1: Signor Benedick the Moor]
A very long time ago I
Would live life up in the sky waiting to die
Looking below as I try to understand things that a man might
Understand things that I can't write
To get to the bottom of this mystery of me and the people so ant-like
So far away like a meteor or an angel without wings
All I've got is myself and my dreams
A chorus of fat ladies sing
I contemplate what my decisions could mean
But I never get an answer, though
Looking through the gla** cage cancer slow
Just another black plague cla**ical

And she stood there among the men planning to k** her husband, the men with whom she'd agreed to conspire, dagger in hand, point to her breast, palm against the hilt. And she thought of the sun, and the two children running around chasing geese, unyielding even then, unwilling to allow nature to rule them, unwilling to bow even to the will of the gods whom they would eventually ask for forgiveness. Before plunging the blade into her heart

[Chorus: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Who watches over beautiful Nova
Will never be known
A man isn't home
Until he's roamed
Through super nova
The day isn't over
When he goes home
He's still all alone

[Bridge: Signoor Benedick the Moor]
Dear momma I, know you're up in the sky
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I just want you to know that your son ain't been no lie
No he just don't know, don't know (don't know)
He just don't know (don't know)
Don't know (don't know)
Don't know!

[Verse 2: Signor Benedick the Moor]
Blaspheme; head back to the temple
Just don't ask me
To stand for the eyes in my damn guise
Understand guys that
I plan on lasting
A soul isn't whole when it's fasting
But it's acting, crashing
Extracting all hope and like soap
Slips out without asking
Blasting past past things:
Past flings, past dreams
Last scenes seem nasty
Asking the last thing lastly
While everybody just move past me and
Being the son of a son of a gun
Who gunnin', runnin' from everything
Every scene being close to the last
Really took a toll on my a**
But I guess now's a product of the past
When it got too dark, I'd imagine that my room
Was fillin' up with sharks
Ten year old boy who walk with heart
From lion, so he kept on trying
While the dark kept spying
Daddy said quit cryin', so I did
Then I opened up a book and I hid

[Chorus: Signor Benedick the Moor]

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